Banana and Blueberry Smoothies

So I finally got around to trying out another smoothie recipe! I have to admit I think this one is twice as delicious as the last one I tried so I would definitely recommend it. Like last time, I made this up as I went along so if you want to add any little changes then feel free and tell me about it in the comments section.

Ingredients: 300 ml semi skimmed milk,  2 bananas, 25 g of blueberries and 2 teaspoons of honey.

  1. Firstly, pour your milk into the blender. I usually use almond milk but I had run out so I used normal semi skimmed for this recipe.img_0301
  2. Cut two bananas into small pieces and add to the milk. Mix this for a minute on a low setting.img_0302
  3. Measure out your blueberries and then cut them in halves (this is so that there are not too many lumps in the drink). Add to the blender and mix for a further minute.IMG_0305.JPG
  4. Finally, add the teaspoons of honey and give the drink one last quick blend. You are now ready to pour the mixture into a container and refrigerate. I would leave this in the fridge a couple of hours before trying it as it is a lot tastier when it is cold.

I hope you all enjoy trying out this recipe. As I said before it is a really yummy one!



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