My Netflix Favourites

Hello everyone,

I thought I would write a post today about my favourite Netflix programmes/films. I have a UK subscription so if you are from elsewhere in the world then your content might differ slightly. My favourites are all quite different in terms of genre but I think they are all addictive/compelling/strangely interesting in their own way…

Stranger Things- This was 100% my favourite programme of 2016, so much so I have probably watched it about 3 times *don’t judge me*. The cast of the show is made up of fresh faced talented actors and actresses, as well as the already well known Winona Ryder who it is great to see back on the screen. I have never seen another programme like Stranger Things and that is one of the reasons Netflix is thriving at the moment, they are producing unique content which you would not see on TV. I cannot wait for season 2 which comes out on Halloween of this year, here’s hoping Nancy and Jonathan get together in this season and that Eleven returns (which undoubtedly she will).

Pretty Little Liars- Who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of pretty youths solve murder mysteries? This is one of those addictive US programmes that you could easily spend a whole day watching. There is only half a season left of the popular series, which won’t be coming to Netflix until sometime this summer, so you have plenty of time to catch up!

The Crown- I think I mentioned in a previous post about being a fan of historical dramas, so obviously I was a fan of The Crown. This one is a bit of a slow burner and in some episodes not much seems to happen (a bit like Downton Abbey), but the acting and excellent casting make up for that. My favourite storyline was the love story between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend, which was actually pretty heartbreaking.

Brooklyn- I have been a fan of Saoirse Ronan since Atonement and I absolutely love her performance in Brooklyn. This is a really sweet, but different, love story with a 1950’s New York backdrop. Tony, who plays Ronan’s character’s love interest, is just the loveliest man and I definitely found myself rooting for him throughout the film.

Whiplash- When I first heard about this film I remember thinking how dull it sounded, how could you have a whole film about drumming? But this film was a very pleasant surprise and I ended up loving it. The film is full of passion which in turn evokes a strong response out of its audience. J. K. Simmons fully deserved his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in this role; his performance alongside Miles Teller was really special, although very disturbing! This film is definitely worth a watch.

A Series of Unfortunate Events- I used to be a massive fan of the book series and the original film when I was younger so when I heard they were making it into a series for Netflix I was a bit intrigued. This adaptation is more comical than the film version and it is also more similar to the books as it is very, very odd which I know not everyone will be into. We also get to see more of the books adapted to the screen as this first series has two episodes for each of the first four books.

What are your current favourites on Netflix?



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